O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon 2019

Hello everybody. I’m very excited to announce that this month, I’m participating in the O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon 2019, a Harry Potter themed readathon organized by Book Roast. Although I like the idea of readathons, I’ve never actually participated in one before because I sometimes find them a little hectic. This readathon though is actually pretty flexible and since it’s Harry Potter themed, I decided to go ahead and participate.


The idea of this readathon is to pick a wizarding career (more details below) and then to complete a set of reading requirements related to the career chosen. For this purpose, this readathon is designed to replicate the O.W.L exams that Hogwarts students take in their fifth academic year. There will be another readathon in August, this one inspired by the N.E.W.T exams.


How to participate?

Book Roast has prepared a list of Hogwarts subjects and for each subject, there is a corresponding reading prompt. She has also prepared a list of wizarding careers. To participate in this readathon, you need to first pick a career from the given list. For each career, there is a set of subjects that you need to ‘pass’ in order to qualify for this job. To pass in a subject, you simply need to complete the reading prompt attached to that subject. E.g. one of the subjects required to qualify for the job of Astronomer is History of Magic. And to pass in History of Magic, you need to complete the following prompt: To read a book published at least 10 years ago.

Preview of the career guide compiled by Book Roast. The download link is included below.


Alternative way of participating in the 2019 Magical Readathon

Alternatively, if you want to skip choosing a career and simply want to pass your O.W.L. exams by completing as many of the reading prompts as you can, you may also do so. In this case, if you pass in 2 subjects (that is, if you complete 2 of the reading prompts), you will obtain a mention of ‘Acceptable’. Six passed subjects represent a mention of ‘Exceeded Expectations’ and completing 9 or more subjects and their related reading prompts will give you a mention of ‘Outstanding’.


My chosen wizarding career and my TBR

The career that I picked is ‘writer/journalist’. The O.W.L requirements to qualify for this career is to pass in History of Magic, Muggle Studies and 1 subject of your choice. For the latter, I picked Astronomy. The reading prompts for each subject, along with my book picks for each prompt, are as follows:


1. History of Magic: A book published at least 10 years ago

5820886Book selected for this prompt: Evil Thirst (Book 5 in the Last Vampire series) by Christopher Pike 

The Last Vampire is one of my favorite series of all time. Since I hadn’t reread the whole thing in years, I decided to give it a go. I’m currently on Book 5 and this series is still as good as I remembered. The series follows the story of Sita, a five thousand years old vampire who at the beginning of the first book believes herself to be the last surviving vampire in the world. Very soon though, she is confronted by enemies who rival her in years and power, and it becomes clear that she isn’t as alone in the world as she thought she was. Sassy, badass and surprisingly human at heart, Sita remains one of my favorite book characters of all time.


2. Muggle Studies: A contemporary

nana-vol-1-9781421501086_lgBook selected for this prompt: Nana (Volume 1) by Ai Yazawa

Since I don’t actually own lots of contemporary novels, I decided to go with the first volume of the manga Nana for this one. Nana is a contemporary (hehe) manga that follows the story two young women, Nana Komatsu and Nana Komatsu, who both share the same name and who, through a series of coincidences, end up moving in the same apartment after they come to Tokyo to fulfil their dreams. Nana O hopes to live a grand love story in Tokyo while Nana dreams of becoming a rock star. Having watched the anime version of Nana, I already know the story very well and I’m really excited to meet these characters again. If you like stories with all the feels and which may potential break your heart on numerous occasions, Nana is the book for you.


3. Astronomy: A book with ‘star’ in the title 

17282602Book selected for this prompt: The Starlight Crystal by Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike is my favorite author (which is why I have two books of his on this list). Although most of his books are now out of print and although a lot of modern readers would probably find his stories a little weird and maybe even a little cheesy, his books remain among my favorites. These books were the staple of my high school days and I still like to re-visit my favorites from time to time. The Starlight Crystal has always been one of the best Pike books for me. The story is set in the future. Paige is about to join the crew of a spaceship tasked with observing humanity from space. While for them this trip will span mere months, on Earth, two centuries would have passed until their return. The ship is set to return immediately after the completion of the mission but midway through the trip, an incident occurs that will completely change the fate of everyone on board. Meanwhile, on Earth, the decades turn to centuries and the centuries turn to millennia…


Final word & free download links

This readthon ends on the 30th of April. I’ll be publishing another blog post at the end of the month to give you a final update on my progress and all the books I read throughout the Magical Readathon. Since this current TBR is actually quite small, I might try to complete more than one of the wizarding careers. I’ll let you know if I do. I’ll also be posting daily about all of my reading progress and readathon updates in my Insta stories. To check out my updates and maybe also share yours with me, you can follow me on Instagram here.

You will find a detailed guide to this Magical Readathon, as well as the list of wizarding careers and the O.W.L subjects and their related prompts in several documents compiled by Book Roast. All these documents can be downloaded for free. Click here to see the video where she talks about the Magical Readathon. You will find all the download links in the description box of this video.


Thank you for reading! Share your thoughts with me down below ^_^

Are you also participating in this readathon? If yes, which career did you pick? Also, if you’ve read the books mentioned above, do feel free to share your thoughts about them with me in the comments.



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